KEIL uVision5 syntax highlight customization

keil5 custom syntax highlight

1. Open the file global.prop.def, it is in UV4 folder.
2. Locate the keywords, around the Line 600:

# Keywords for C/C++
keywordclass.cpp=alignas alignof and and_eq asm auto bitand bitor bool break case catch char char16_t char32_t class compl \

3. Add keywords you like to highlight, for example here i’m adding integer types (these are not part of C/C++, so they are not highlighted).

throw true try typedef typeid typename union unsigned using virtual void volatile wchar_t while xor xor_eq \
uint8_t uint16_t uint32_t

Note that lines are concatenated with slash.

4. Enjoy more usable editor!

KEIL uVision5 syntax highlight customization