Review of – a cheap prototype PCB fabrication service now even cheaper!

Few months ago I ordered a couple of prototype PCBs from this service. If you are looking for cheap prototype PCBs, I believe you shall take a look to this service. The is run by, well known DIY hobbyst portal and USA based company. Consequently, all support and communication is provided by them. The actual fabrication is done by Shenzhen factories.

The service offers Protopacks – 10pc of PCB each 5*5cm (or less) or 10pc each 10*10cm. If your board is 6*3cm, you have to choose 10*10cm Protopack.

At the time of my order (May 2016), the prices were:

  • 5*5cm PCB, 10pc – $15
  • 10*10cm PCB, 10pc – $25

Which gives me $2.5 for each 10*10cm board. Prices are excluding shipment, which in my case (Mongolia) was $29 for faster DHL, for 20pc (2 designs each 10pc). Which is not bad at all. The are cheaper options for shipment but that will take longer and not trackable.dirtypcbs_order

I just discovered today that now their prices are even more attractive (and the web also got some facelift):


  • 5*5cm PCB, 10pc – $11.95
  • 10*10cm PCB, 10pc – $16.95

Cool, isn’t it? But there is more: with world wide shipping the prices are:

  • 5*5cm PCB, 10pc – $14
  • 10*10cm PCB, 10pc – $25

As I understand, it is airmail shipping which takes longer (and not trackable). Unless you can wait a 3-4 weeks, I advise to order 2 protopacks and choose faster shipment. DHL shipment cost for 1 and 2 protopacks (0.5-1kg) didn’t differ much. also feature nice order status, tracking and cool feature previewing you PCB (it is shown after you submit the gerbers, I hope they still have it):


I placed the order on May 3, it was shipped on May 9. IIRC the package was in my hands within 6 days, but that was DHL. With airmail, it shall take 1-2 weeks at least and it is not trackable.


There is more stuff like sharing you PCBs and getting royalty, 3D printing, laser cutting but lets check the PCBs.


dirtypcbs-bottom.jpgThe design is rather easy one, minimum 10mil traces, 50/28mil vias. MCU is ATmega128A TQFP-64.


Slight soldermask misalignment, but pads are still clear.


Also some not-perfect soldermask, but not affecting the pads. As I understand, the blue soldermask is a bit more tricky than a regular green one. I intentionally didn’t put “finger” soldermask between MCU pads, it is not manufacturing issue.

There are marks on pads from probe, so the boards were checked.

The drill centering on vias are also slightly off center. Probably they are all within the manufacturer specs, one should check the specs on if  design is more demanding. But at least for me there were no issues and I’m happy with a such the quality. And now with the new prices I’m definitely going to return to

I will be also review soon my experience with – another Shenzhen PCB fabrication service I’m happy with.

Review of – a cheap prototype PCB fabrication service now even cheaper!

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